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Vol 3, No 1 (2012)
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Gender differences between elite men and women handball players in response to inflammatory indices following one session of moderate resistance exercise

Men and women show different responses to exercise stress. Some aspects of gender differences in such situations have not been made clear yet. The aim of this study was to compare gender differences between elite men and women handball players regarding IL-6, TNF-α, cortisol and sex hormones responses to resistance exercise. Methodology: Twenty elite handball players (10 male aged 27.6±1.13, height 183.20± 5.93 cm, body mass 87± 3.31 kg and 10 women aged 26.9± 1.04, height 168± 4.07 cm, body mass 63.71± 7.65 kg) were selected. Resistance exercise program included six separate attempts as: Bench press, Lat pull down, shoulder press, Biceps curl, Knee extension and Knee curl which was done in an alternative method for 3 sets and 10 repetitions at 60 % 1RM. Blood samples were taken before, immediately and 2 hours after exercise regimen. Measurement of IL-6 and TNF- was done with ELISA method. Also cortisol, Testosterone and human estrogen hormone measurement was done by immunoradiometric assay. Results: Data analysis showed that there were significant differences in post-exercise IL-6 and testosterone levels between the two groups (P0.05). Discussion and Conclusion: Based on the present study results, one session of moderate resistance exercise as a hypertrophy stimulus caused changes in both gender cytokine levels in which men showed limited inflammatory responses.

key words
Resistance exercise, IL- 6, TNF-, Sex Hormone, Gender, handball players

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