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  • Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Low-fat mozzarella Cheese Made from Blend of Two Fat Replacers 
    Mazaherinasab, M. ; Habibi Najafi, M.B. ; Razavi, S.M.A.
    Views: 457
    Study on Chemical Composition of Alosa Caspia and Evaluation of Changes in its Moisture and Salt Content during Salting and Drying 
    Soleimani, A. ; Varidi, M. J. ; Sadeghi Mahonak, A. ; Nassiri Mahalati, M.
    Views: 358
    Optimization of Low Fat Probiotic Yogurt Production Using Combined Design 
    Faraji, N. ; Alizadeh Khaled Abadi, M. ; Khosrowshahi Asl, A. ; Faraji, S.
    Views: 887
    Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) Using Neutrase by Application of Response Surface Methodology (RSM) 
    Davarnia, B. ; Motamedzadegan, A. ; Asadi, Gh. ; Abedian, A. ; Ovissipour, M.
    Views: 316
    The Effect of Processing Conditions on the Extraction Yield and Melting Point of Whitecheek Shark (Carcharhinus dussumieri) Skin Gelatin 
    Esmaeili Kharyeki, M. ; Rezaei, M. ; Motamedzadegan, A.
    Views: 337
    Effect of Dipping Whole and Gutted Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Green Tea Extract on Shelf life Quality during Storage in Ice 
    Mohammadzadeh, B. ; Rezaei, M.
    Views: 386
    Surface Analysis of Ostrich Meat Plates During Deep-fat Frying Using Image Analysis and Fractal Dimension 
    Amiryousefi, M. R. ; Mohebbi, M. ; Khodaiyan, F.
    Views: 342
    Effect of Gum Tragacanth as a Fat Replacer on Rheological, Sensory and Texture Properties of Low Fat Mayonnaise 
    Amiri Aghdaei, S. S. ; Aalami, M. ; Daraei Garmekhani, A.
    Views: 841
    Influence of simulated gastrointestinal conditions on survivability of microencapsulated probiotic Lactobacillus casei in symbiotic frozen yogurt 
    Milani, E. ; Naeemi, H. ; Mortazavi, S. A. ; Koocheki, A.
    Views: 417
    Modeling of Potato Frying Process for Determination of Mass Transfer Parameters 
    Mohammadpour Karizaki, V. ; Hamed Mosavian, M. T.
    Views: 517
    The Study of Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Ascorbic Acid Based Edible Coating and Osmotic Dehydration on Cucurbit Drying 
    Seraji, A. ; Ghanbarzadeh, B. ; Sowti, M. ; Movahhed, S.
    Views: 442
    Comparison Antioxidant Properties Extract of Touyserkani Variety of Walnut Leave with two Extraction Methods (Traditional Method and Microwave Assisted Extraction) 
    Rezai Erami, S. ; Jafari, S.M. ; Khomeiri, M. ; Bayat, H.
    Views: 469
    Application of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Based Coatings Containing Oleic Acid and Antimicrobial Compounds for Improving Quality and Extending Shelf-life of Egg 
    Mohammadi, Sh. ; Ghanbarzadeh, B. ; Soti, M. ; Ghiyasifar, Sh. ; Jalai, S. H.
    Views: 473
    Antioxidant Effect of Kiwi Peel Methanolic Extract on Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil During Storage Condition 
    Esmaeilzadeh Kenari, R. ; Mehdipoor, S. Z.
    Views: 419
    Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Licorice Root Extract in Orange Flavored Carbonated Soft Drink 
    Karami, Z. ; Mirzaei, H. ; Emamh-Djome, Z. ; Sadeghi Mahoonak, A.R. ; Khomeiri, M.
    Views: 459