Effect of Auditors' Characteristics on Relationship between Geographical Diversification and Real Earnings Management in the Tehran Stock Exchange Listed Firms

مقالات آماده انتشار، پذیرفته شده ، انتشار آنلاین از تاریخ 08 آذر 1400
Amir Ghafourian Shagerdi؛ seyed hojjat saberi postchi


The Effect of CEO Overconfidence and CEO Narcissism on the Relationship between Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in the Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

دوره 3، شماره 3، پاییز 2019، صفحه 1-17
Amir Ghafourian Shagerdi؛ Mahbube Javan؛ Mohammad Sajjad Ghafourian Shagerdi


The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Intellectual Capital Considering the Role of Block Holder Ownership Moderation

دوره 5، شماره 1، بهار 2021، صفحه 63-78
Mohammad Sajjad Ghafourian Shagerdi؛ Amir Ghafourian Shagerdi؛ Reza Jahanshiri

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