Factors affecting the Sustainable Livelihood of Female Household Heads as the Clients of Microcredit Funds in Rural Areas (Case Study: Rural Areas of Ghaemshahr County, Iran)

صفحه 1-21
Amir Ahmadpour؛ Azadeh Niknejad Alibani؛ Mohamad Reza Shahraki


Analysis of the Barriers to Equipping Agricultural Lands with the New Irrigation Technologies (Case study: Shahrabaad Rural District of Bardaskan County, Iran)

صفحه 23-39
Sayyed Amir Mohammad Alavizadeh؛ Ali Izadi؛ Fariba Ramezannia


Spatial Analysis of the Indicators of Rural Eco-resorts (Case Study: Sari County, Iran)

صفحه 41-57
Zahra Sharifinia


The Effect of Decentralized Concentration on the Spatial Organization of Rural Settlements (Case Study: Molkabad Village Town, Mashhad)

صفحه 59-80
Simin Taghdisi Zanjani؛ Mahdi Jahani؛ Hamid Jafari


Studying the Rehabilitation of Valuable Rural Texture and its Effect on the Development of Tourism (Case Study: Hajij Village, Kermanshah Province, Iran)

صفحه 81-108
Peyman Torbi Panah؛ Aeizh Azmi


Ghetto Tourism: An Opportunity for Promoting Rural Tourism (Case Study: Isfahan Province)

صفحه 109-128
Neda Torabi Farsani؛ Homa Moazzen Jamshidi


The Spatial Analysis of the Distribution of Agro-Processing Industries in Rural Areas of Guilan Province, Iran

صفحه 129-144
Mehdi Hesam؛ Esmaeil Aghaeizadeh؛ Robabeh Mohammadzadeh

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