The Role of Financial Ratios in Explaining Information Quality Using the Factor Analysis Approach

صفحه 1-21
Akram Karimi؛ Roya Darabi؛ Mohammad Reza Poorfakharan؛ Hossein Moghadam


Designing Model and Levelization of the Factors Affecting Companies’ Green Financing through Banking System

صفحه 23-38
Abbasali Sheikh؛ Parviz Saeidi؛ Ebrahim Abbasi؛ Arash Naderian


Incompatibilities of Using the IFRS Fair Value Basis in the Iranian Banking Business Framework

صفحه 39-51
Elias Badri؛ Ahmad Badri


The Severity of a Client’s Negative Environmental, Social, and Governance Reputation Affect Audit Effort and Audit Quality

صفحه 53-67
Mahdi Moradi؛ Seed Mohsen Salehi Vaziri


Modeling the Consequences of the Auditors' Leaving the Public Accounting Profession: Is There a Brain Drain in Auditing?

صفحه 69-91
Saeed Ghasemi؛ Mohammadreza Mehrabanpour؛ Ghodratillah Talebnia


Evaluation of Cooperation Strategy in Financial Services Supply Chain Based on Prospect Theory and Game Theory

صفحه 93-108
Mohammad Shahab Rezvani؛ Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji؛ Ezatollah Abbasian؛ Mohammadreza Mehregan


Audit Quality Improvement Model in the Economic Environment of Iran

صفحه 109-127
Ali Akbar Javan؛ Jafar Babajani؛ Farrokh Barzideh؛ Mohammad Marfou

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