Investigating Spatial-Physical Consequences of Polygamy Phenomenon in Border Villages of Iran (Case Study: Hirmand County)

صفحه 1-16
Sirous Ghanbari؛ Mehdi Naderiyanfar؛ Omid Jamshidzehi Shahbakhsh؛ Gharib Fazelnia


Evaluating the Vulnerability of Agricultural Land Use to the Landslide Risk in Rural Areas (Case Study: Tarom County)

صفحه 17-32
Vahid Riahi؛ Saeid Nasire Zare


Evaluating Mutual Impacts of Agricultural Growth and Inequality in Iran's Rural Area Divided to Provinces with Amenity and Deprived: Simultaneous Equations of Panel Data Approach

صفحه 33-50
Siavash Jani


Impact of Targeted Subsidies Implementation on Inequality in Iranian Rural Area (Case Study: Villages of Neishabour County)

صفحه 51-77
Majid Hamzehi؛ Aliakbar Anabestani؛ Jafar Javan


Analyzing the Effects of Rural Economy Diversification on the Livelihood Assets of Rural Households (Case Study: Khavmirabad District of Marivan County)

صفحه 79-97
Saadi Mohammadi؛ Khadijah Rostami؛ Teymor Karimian


Regeneration of the Culture of Rural Areas of Iran in Order to Direct the Communication of Villagers with Urban System with the Approach of Sustainable Rural Development

صفحه 99-114
Ali Shakour؛ Ali Shojaeifard

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب