A Multi-Faceted Approach for Prediction of Genome Safe Harbor Loci in the Chicken Genome

صفحه 1-9
Nima Dehdilani؛ Mohsen Fathi Najafi؛ Hesam Dehghani


VEGF-C and p53 Gene Expression in the Normal and Neoplastic Mammary Gland of Canines: A Pilot Study

صفحه 10-18
Mohammadreza Nassiri؛ Azadeh Safarchi؛ Masoume Vakili-Azghandi؛ Vinod Gopalan؛ Mohammad Doosti؛ Shahrokh Ghovvati؛ Ahmad Reza Movassaghi


Molecular Screening of Nitrate Reductase Enzyme in Native Halophilic Bacteria of Iran

صفحه 19-26
Saeedeh Sibevieh؛ Ensieh Salehghamari؛ Mohammad Ali Amoozegar؛ Mohammad Reza Zolfaghari؛ Mohammad Soleimani؛ Zohre Nasrollahzadeh؛ Sara Eftekhari Yazdi


Comparative Analysis of Commercial CCL21 and CCL21/IL1β Recombinant Proteins by in silico Tools

صفحه 27-35
Ahdiyeh Shahtaghi؛ Ali Alam Shahnabadi؛ Kamelia Kohannezhad؛ Neda Amini؛ Maria Beihaghi


Royal Jelly Decreases MMP-9 Expression and Induces Apoptosis in Human Bladder Cancer 5637 Cells

صفحه 36-43
Narges Fazili؛ Zahra-Soheila Soheili؛ Saeid Malekzadeh-Shafaroudi؛ Shahram Samiei؛ Shamila D.Alipoor؛ Nasrin Moshtaghi؛ Abouzar Bagheri


Effect of Glutamine Stability on the Long-term Culture and Line Establishment of Chicken Primordial Germ Cells

صفحه 44-53
Sara Yousefi Taemeh؛ Jalil Mehrzad؛ Hesam Dehghani


Exploring the Anticancer Efficacy of Mixture of Local Probiotics on MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 Breast Cell Lines

صفحه 54-64
Mohadese Abdoli؛ Parisa Fathi Rezaei؛ Kamran Mansouri


The Effect of Androgen Deprivation on the Expression of Connexin-43 mRNA in the Heart

صفحه 65-71
Mahnaz Ghowsi؛ Nazli Khajehnasiri؛ Sajjad Sisakhtnezhad


Understanding the Effect of Natural Products on Breast Cancer via P53-MDM 2 Signal Pathway

صفحه 72-80
Zahra Ghavidel؛ Madjid Momeni Moghaddam؛ Toktam Hajjar؛ Eisa Kohan-Baghkheirati


Isolation and Characterization of Lytic Bacteriophages Infecting Escherichia coli Antibiotic-Resistant Isolates from Urinary Tract Infections in North-west of Iran

صفحه 81-91
Raheleh Majdani


Vitamin C Loaded Albumin Nanoparticles Treatment and Its Effect on Collagen I and III and mir-133 Genes Expression

صفحه 92-97
Hamid Reza Shojania؛ Madjid Momeni Moghaddam؛ Seyed Ebrahim Hossini

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